Goa King's

The flag bearers of the Goa Kings brand, these beers have the best combination of taste and style. The bottom fermentation at low temperature gives it a unique, crisp flavor that will make you feel at home as you bask in the sunshine of Goan beaches! Its perfect taste will mesmerize your taste buds and tempt you to ask for more! Sip on the bottled sunshine as you enjoy the rays of the golden sunshine on Goan beaches! Brewed from the finest ingredients, these beers are as iconic to Goa as are the beaches! Symbolize yourself with the symbol of style, youthfulness and joy!
To keep it short, these beers are the key to Goan experience for the rest of the world!

Viiking Beverages Private Limited was incorporated on 29 July 2009 with a vision to change how the world looks at the Indian beverage industry. Being an integral part of Viiking Ventures, the company has grown over the years. It started off with a non-alcoholic drink, XXX Energy Drink and later stepped into the alcoholic sector with Goa Beer, the famous Goa Kings Beer and XXX Vodka mix. After tremendous success with the launch of its alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, Viiking Beverages launched its flagship blended Scotch whisky Royal Oak and recently launched its premium strong lager beer – Goa Kings Maxx. With successful launches and increasing demand from the market, it has recently launched the SJJ XXX Vodka, the premium Polish Vodka.

Viiking Beverages

Viiking Ventures

Viiking Ventures was founded under the leadership of Mr. Sachiin J. Joshi. With a strong will to continuously satisfy consumer needs. Our founder aims to build an empire that holds a deep commitment for quality service and customer focus. Driven by passion, performance and perseverance, we at Viiking Ventures believe that our biggest asset is our workforce. With a wealth of experience and expertise, the Viiking Ventures team provides the required impetus to fuel our quest for continual growth. We are a vast conglomerate with various business verticals such as FMCG products, hospitality, sports, entertainment, realty, infrastructure, paper products and philanthropic activities.