5 Reasons Why OKTOBEERFEST is the Best Beer Fest

If you love beer, you don’t need a reason to grab one and gulp down. You will do that dutifully at every occasion. But we are less aware about OktobeerFest which is considered as one of the Best Beer Festival in World. This year it has been organized by Viiking Venture’s Goa Kings Beer at The United Sports Bar and grill in Mumbai and Pune. It has started on 9th Oct till 31st Oct 2015. Below we are giving you 5 reasons why you must go to this festival and enjoy the best Beer Festival.

  1. Because it BEER Festival:

    NO matter you go and how old you grow, once a beer lover remains a beer lover. There is no better place, time and way to drink beer with friends and celebrate life. Oktobeerfest is the best place for everyone to hang out and enjoy beer.

  2. Beer Bong Challenge:

    Men will be men and every men love games & challenges. And what more you can ask when the challenge is about who drinks more beer. Beer Bong Challenge gives you a chance to booze beer freely from funnel and show your guts to the world. The winner takes away exciting prizes.

  3. Best Beers at one place:

    Beer comes in all sizes and has many varieties. Right from its color to taste to its aroma, beer can be loved for any reason. Oktobeerfest is one place where you can enjoy as many local and international beers as you can see on a board.

  4. Selfie Contest:

    Owing to the addiction of people for “selfies” the organizers are conducting a Selfie Contest where participant has to click selfie with Goa Kings Beer and they can win exciting prizes. We don’t think you will skip this selfie moment for any reason.

  5. It’s more than just a festival:

    In Oktobeerfest people gather to enjoy booze, dance and celebrate their time with friends. Here, you meet enthusiastic people with whom you can share common interest, talk for a while, make new friends and celebrate your new friendship or old relations. No restrictions or boundaries. And most importantly people drink responsibly at Oktobeerfest.