Top 5 Beer Brands in India

India is a country of Diversity which unites under few circumstances and one such situation is to show their love for Beer. After Cricket and Bollywood, Beers are the only thing considered to be most popular common interest of young as well as old generation. Best beer brands in India are having a tough spot fight, considering the hike in beer consumption and introduction of many foreign in India.

We have shortlisted top 5 beer brands in India which are stands out in market and are hugely popular and consumed by all ages and classes. These beer brands assure you of best quality, taste and their own unique strength. WE bet if you love to booze and choose beer over whisky, vodka and rum you will love to know about this top 5 beer brands in India.

Kingfisher Beer

Kingfisher Beer Brand

Yes! The King of Good times stands in top position. With the wide range of Beers from Kingfisher Strong, Premium, and now recently launched Ultra, they give you the best of beer to choose. Another reason for their popularity is their frequent availability even in remotest area. They are widely distributed and captures big lump of market.


Carlsberg Beer Brand

We all know the elephant in green bottle, one never fails to notice the sparkling green bottle of Carlsberg. Courtesy their advertising people know about them and their Danish origin gives you a unique taste which is something you don’t get elsewhere. And Tuborg another brand under same category is capturing the market quite well.

Goa King’s Beer

Goa Kings Beer Brand

Unanimously everyone loves it since the moment they had a chance to taste it. Formerly known as King’s Beer, this is Goa’s very own Beer and has a taste and price you won’t find elsewhere. Now that it has been acquired by Viiking Ventures and renamed as Goa Kings Beer Premium Pilsner Beer, nothing can get better for boozers. Now available in 500 & 650 ml you can enjoy the best beer brand in many cities.


Budweiser Beer

Rice and barley malt beer brand is becoming choice of Indians for weekends. A mild beer with relatively less alcohol content will give you good time. Grab a Bud has become common slang among youngsters which shows this beer brand’s reach. Within short period of time it has captured quite good share of market.


Haywards 5000

Haywards are popularly known as local beer for their association with common people. Though the taste isn’t the plus point but it has a unique quality that people prefer it once they have tasted it.