5 Reasons Why OKTOBEERFEST is the Best Beer Fest

If you love beer, you don’t need a reason to grab one and gulp down. You will do that dutifully at every occasion. But we are less aware about OktobeerFest which is considered as one of the Best Beer Festival in World. This year it has been organized by Viiking Venture’s Goa Kings Beer at The United Sports Bar and grill in Mumbai and Pune. It has started on 9th Oct till 31st Oct 2015. Below we are giving you 5 reasons why you must go to this festival and enjoy the best Beer Festival.

  1. Because it BEER Festival:

    NO matter you go and how old you grow, once a beer lover remains a beer lover. There is no better place, time and way to drink beer with friends and celebrate life. Oktobeerfest is the best place for everyone to hang out and enjoy beer.

  2. Beer Bong Challenge:

    Men will be men and every men love games & challenges. And what more you can ask when the challenge is about who drinks more beer. Beer Bong Challenge gives you a chance to booze beer freely from funnel and show your guts to the world. The winner takes away exciting prizes.

  3. Best Beers at one place:

    Beer comes in all sizes and has many varieties. Right from its color to taste to its aroma, beer can be loved for any reason. Oktobeerfest is one place where you can enjoy as many local and international beers as you can see on a board.

  4. Selfie Contest:

    Owing to the addiction of people for “selfies” the organizers are conducting a Selfie Contest where participant has to click selfie with Goa Kings Beer and they can win exciting prizes. We don’t think you will skip this selfie moment for any reason.

  5. It’s more than just a festival:

    In Oktobeerfest people gather to enjoy booze, dance and celebrate their time with friends. Here, you meet enthusiastic people with whom you can share common interest, talk for a while, make new friends and celebrate your new friendship or old relations. No restrictions or boundaries. And most importantly people drink responsibly at Oktobeerfest.

5 Reasons Why Goa Kings Beer is Better than Kingfisher Beer

Is beer on your radar when Friday is near finish line? Do you have one special T-shirt that shows your love for beer with quotes like “Beers are proof God loves us” or “we must save water and drink beer”. Well, good news for those who love beer and believe Beer is adults’ Bournvita. Viiking Ventures had acquired Goa’s special and much loved Kings Beer few weeks back and now they have launched it with all new packaging and revived taste. Also they have renamed the beer, now it is called as Goa Kings Beer with an embossed eye catching crown logo.

Courtesy Viiking Ventures, Mumbai will enjoy Goa Kings Beer among first few cities to get renewed Beer of Goan taste. So here are top 5 reasons why youngster love Goa Kings Beer over Kingfisher Beer.

  1. Taste: Yes, it has to come first in your mind when you taste Goa Kings Beer, A Premium Pilsner Beer. It’s a sheer delight for any beer lover. The unique part of this ale is its hoppy flavor, its light with a smoky malt flavor that is neither too sharp nor bitter. There is this thing about Goa Kings Beer that once you get yourself comfortable and start sipping Goa Kings Beer; you won’t go for anything else. Woman too prefers this over any other beer.
  2. Alcohol Content: You won’t feel dizzy even if you have gulped down 4 bottles of Goa Kings Beer due to it very less or almost negligible 4.8% alcohol content. That’s leaves you with no hangover on next morning. You can surely enjoy your rest of evening without losing control over yourself.
  3. It has a unique packaging with 325 ml bottle in brown and gold bottle. Now Viiking Ventures has announced that they will be introducing it 500 and 650 ml bottle with ensures you of more beer in comparatively less price.
  4. Youngsters have always been loyal to Beer but you could hardly find anyone very loyal to a specific brand of Beer, that they are much attached to one brand. But this kind of rare love and loyalty can be found among Goa King’s Beer lovers. Once they taste it they keep stick to it as long as they drink beer. Earlier we have seen such a crazy boozers who will come down to Goa to taste this goan beer in midst of party and enjoying summer with friends. They said they could find nothing like this Beer.
  5. Now that it will be available in many cities across four states like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana and Andra Pradesh you must know that this beer will keep you light and you pocket heavy as its very cheap compared to anyother beer in Strong and mild section. Currently it costs INR 85/- only for 325 ml and will charged accordingly for 500 & 650ml.

Those who are eager to know more about Goa Kings Beer can find more information on their official website www.thekingsbeer.com or www.viikingventures.com/goa-kings-beer and get list of all the pubs and bars where it is currently available.