BEER BONG COMPETITION – A Challenging Fun at Oktobeerfest

Goa Kings Beer puts up a challenge for all those who love Beer. There are two best things about this challenge though. First it’s about Beer (which itself makes it worth a try) and second thing was at coolest and the most happening Beer fest “Oktobeerfest” where beer meets boozer.

Beer Bong Challenge - Oktobeerfest

The festival started on 9th Oct, since then youngsters are flocking at United Sports Bar & Grill to participate in Oktobeerfest and relishing every moment of it. The atmosphere is super electric and full of high voltage energy. The center of attraction is Beer Bong which allows you drink beer through funnel and pipe. The height of bong is at 3 feet, 4 feet and 5 feet. The rule is simple – 1 pint of kings beer will be poured (nonstop) in the funnel. If the challenger gulps the entire beer, the beer poured will be on TUSBG and if he fails to gulp it down, he has to pay for that pint. If the participant succeeds, he/she will be offered a 15% discount on their total billing amount for Food & Beverage. For 4 feet height discount is 30% and for 5 feet height it goes to 50%. The winner are then put for another round to win grand prizes which ends with lots of fun, excitement and cheers.

A must participate competition is the least we could say. Those who love beer, doing lots of fun and forget everything that’s bothering and putting lots of stress. Oktobeerfest will last till 31st Oct so you don’t want to miss it.

Celebrate ‪Oktobeerfest‬ with Goa Kings Beer

Rejoice!! That time of year is back when you celebrate friendship, success and life. It’s time for world’s largest beer festival “Oktobeerfest”. Goa Kings Beer owned by Viiking Ventures Pvt. Ltd. in association with United Sports Bar and grill has brought this festival in Mumbai and Pune.

Considered as one of the most celebrated beer festival in world, Oktobeerfest witnesses a large number of beer connoisseurs from around the world attending the event every year. This year the festival is celebrated from 9th-30th Oct. The main attraction would be Beer Bong Competition, Kings Offer and Selfie contest. There are many lucrative prizes for winners of competition and one can enjoy buy 1 get 1 offer in happy hours. Those who missed happy hours can booze with an offer of 250/- for 2 pints excluding taxes.

Oktobeerfest - Goa Kings BeerDuring Oktobeerfest everyone enjoys the best beers, eats culinary cuisines and play games which are both fun and challenge. The host has wide range of entertainment lined up for fest including music, dance, many unique types of merchandise and other things. It surely is one of the most enjoyed festivals across globe.

Mumbai crowd is overwhelmed by the arrangements in festival by the host United Sports Bar and Goa Kings Beer. Everyday crowd is getting crazier with the high octane atmosphere and beer bong competition. Winners make their way to glory and take away handful gifts while those who lose feels every bottle was worth the fun. So if you haven’t visited Oktobeerfest, Grab your friends and celebrate a festival you will remember for long time.