Viiking Ventures adds Kings Beer to their Credentials

Broadly known for brands like Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Goa, The Beatle Hotel Powai, XXX Energy Drink & XXX Vodka Mix Viiking Ventures has recently acquired The King’s Beer, a Pilsner beer brand of Impala Distillery & Brewery Ltd. However the beer will brewed and bottled by Impala which ensures that Beer retains the unique signature taste. It will be distributed and marketed by Viiking Ventures in Maharashtra, Andra Pradesh, Karnataka and Telangana at initial phase.

Goa Kings Beer Brand

When asked to youngsters about their views on Goa Kings Beer’s recent launch event and news of it coming to their city Mumbai, they showed great enthusiasm. We all know Kings Beer Goa has a huge fan following and considered as one of most favorite beer in Goa. It won’t be surprising to know that youngsters are excited to grab their favorite beer at first chance.
Viiking Ventures is ready to outdo everything they can do to meet people’s expectation. Their recent launch event has proved to show more than we could ask. With new logo, design and packing their team has done an exceptional work in bringing King’s Beer back in market with new name Goa Kings Beer.

The list of all cool places is listed on their website to inform about the availability of Goa Kings Beer at nearest bars and pubs.