Kings Beer is Now in Mumbai!!!

Beer is the second most consumed beverage after Tea and Coffee. We all have that one guy in every group who roots for beer. Beer lovers can be found everywhere across the globe. Due to such popularity and demand, every year we see some company launch their new brand or other companies extend their beer brands. In India, the scenario is changing drastically. The beer consumption has gone up causing huge brands to eye on Indian market as opportunity to expand their distribution circles. Amidst of all these following for Beer, we have many options in market ranging from Carlsberg to Kingfisher to Foster and Budweiser. However one old beer brand has been re-launched few weeks back and it has come as great surprise for all beer lovers.

Best Beer in India - Goa Kings Beer

It will be an understatement to say we all loved Kings Beer when we visited Goa and tasted it few years back. But due to irregularity we could not spot it and slowly it was off the charts. But after a long term Viiking Ventures announced the acquisition of Marketing and Distribution rights of Kings Beer with brand new design, logo and larger campaign. Soon they followed their acquisition and launched the beer. Those who have seen it, has absolutely loved their rework and really admire the way they have come back with Goa Kings Beer. Thanks to Viiking Ventures, now we can taste this beer at our convenience. Now that they have made it available, we got to tell you few more things about Goa Kings Beer.

Now we have Goa Kings Beer as a new addition in the league of best beers in India. Formerly known as goan water beer and loved for its delicious taste Goa Kings beer is a treat for beer lovers. The other plus point is less than 5% alcohol content which keeps you going for long time without making you feel dizzy. And the best thing about Goa Kings Beer is their relatively cheap prices. They cost only 85/- for 325ml which makes the experience a sweet memory. As boozer all you need is to get a beer in your hands that makes you feel awesome and exactly that’s what you will feel after you gulp down Goa Kings Beer.

Next time you hit bar or pub don’t forget to ask for Goa Kings Beer as you don’t want to miss India’s one of the best beer in market. Rest assured that you will love it.

Viiking Ventures adds Kings Beer to their Credentials

Broadly known for brands like Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Goa, The Beatle Hotel Powai, XXX Energy Drink & XXX Vodka Mix Viiking Ventures has recently acquired The King’s Beer, a Pilsner beer brand of Impala Distillery & Brewery Ltd. However the beer will brewed and bottled by Impala which ensures that Beer retains the unique signature taste. It will be distributed and marketed by Viiking Ventures in Maharashtra, Andra Pradesh, Karnataka and Telangana at initial phase.

Goa Kings Beer Brand

When asked to youngsters about their views on Goa Kings Beer’s recent launch event and news of it coming to their city Mumbai, they showed great enthusiasm. We all know Kings Beer Goa has a huge fan following and considered as one of most favorite beer in Goa. It won’t be surprising to know that youngsters are excited to grab their favorite beer at first chance.
Viiking Ventures is ready to outdo everything they can do to meet people’s expectation. Their recent launch event has proved to show more than we could ask. With new logo, design and packing their team has done an exceptional work in bringing King’s Beer back in market with new name Goa Kings Beer.

The list of all cool places is listed on their website to inform about the availability of Goa Kings Beer at nearest bars and pubs.